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    Woof & Brew Paw Pops 6 pack Ice Lollies for Dogs

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    • Introducing the coolest dog treats around - our Ready-to-Freeze Pops!

      • Keep your furry friend cool during hot weather
      • Made with  natural herbs, these pops are a healthy treat option for your pet
      • No alcohol or grapes included, making them safe for dogs to consume

      To use, simply freeze the pops and offer them to your dog when needed. Your pup will love the refreshing taste and you'll love how easy it is to keep them cool and comfortable!


    • Ready-to-freeze pops
    • Perfect for keeping dogs cool in hot weather
    • Healthy, Alcohol-Free, Grape-Free, made with  natural herbs
    • Put in the freezer for when your pet fancies a 'lick' or a 'crunch'
    • Comes in a handy pack of 6 Pops -50ml per Paw Pop

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    Woof & Brew Paw Pops 6 pack Ice Lollies for Dogs