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    Kittyrama Kitten Collar

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    For the lions in training! Kittyrama kitten collars are made of lightweight, soft and comfy silicone. They also feature a break-away clasp in case your kitten gets snagged on something while exploring.


    Did you know? Naturally hypoallergenic and waterproof, the silicone straps in our kitten collars help protect the neck area from irritation and are so smooth, they don't rub fur. 


    Suitable for kittens that weigh at least 5 lbs

    Fits a kitten-neck size between 14.5 cm and 18.5 cm.

    A kitten collar is supposed to bring you peace of mind not make your kitty-cat lose theirs! Kittyrama collars are lightweight, soft, comfy and won't fray. 

    Say goodbye to the kitten collar-related wrestling matches, these collars are easy to fasten because they're designed just like a watch strap. Plus the breakaway clasp will allow a kitten to pull away from the collar in case they find themselves stuck


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    Kittyrama Kitten Collar