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    Blakes Cat & Dog Treats Pouch, Grain Free, Training Treats, Calming, Dental

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    the perfect size for enrichment toys

    Indulge your furry friends with our Cat & Dog Treats Pouch! These grain-free treats are perfect for both dogs and cats and come in a training treat size suitable for all ages.

    • Training Treats: Our treats are specifically designed to be used as training rewards, allowing you to teach your pet new tricks and commands.
    • Enrichment Toys: These treats work well in enrichment toys, keeping your pets entertained for hours as they play and exercise.
    • Dental Health: Our treats also promote dental health by reducing plaque buildup.
    • Soothing Calming Effect:This specialty diet is grain-free which can help soothe pets with allergies or digestive issues making it a perfect calming treat

    Made from high-quality ingredients, our dog & cat treats are deliciously crunchy. The pouch packaging is designed to keep the freshness intact. Each pack contains a single item that makes it easy to carry on-the-go or store at home!

    The Dog Treat Type of this product is/are Cookie/Biscuit/Snack, making them the perfect snack time treat you can feel good about giving your fur baby!


    Calming - Freshly Prepared Duck 40%, Freshly Prepared Chicken 24%, Sweet Potato 13%, Potato, Peas, Vegetable Protein, Minerals, Chicken Gravy 1%, Nucleotides 1%, Cellulose, Omega 3 Supplement, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Beta Glucans, Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS), Camomile (50 mg/kg), Lavender (50 mg/kg)

    Dental - Freshly Prepared Turkey 46%, Sweet Potato 21%, Dried Turkey 14%, Potato, Freshly Prepared Wild Boar 4%, Cellulose, Turkey Gravy 1%, Sodium Hexametaphosphate (4,530 mg/kg), Activated Charcoal (4,230 mg/kg), Peppermint 0.3%, Minerals, Green Tea Extract 0.1%, Parsley 0.1%.

    Poultry - 80% Freshly Prepared Poultry (including Chicken 37%, Duck 25%, Turkey 18%), Sweet Potato, Potato, Chicken Stock.

    Fish - 80% Freshly Prepared Fish (including Salmon 42%, White Fish 28%, Trout 10%), Sweet Potato, Potato, Salmon Stock.

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    Blakes Cat & Dog Treats Pouch, Grain Free, Training Treats, Calming, Dental