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    Advanced Pet First Aid Kit

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    Our complete first aid kit for Dogs includes:

    • 1 x Medium Dressing for protection on open wounds
    • 1 x Conforming Bandage with the ability to stretch and easily keep dressings in place
    • 1 x Microporous Tape to secure bandages in lace so that your pup can play as normal
    • 2 x Emergency Waste Bag  to safely hold and dispose of waste
    • 1 x Tough Cut Scissors to easily cut bandages, tape and more
    1 x Small Twisting Tick Remover to fully remove a tick with ease
    1 x Large Twisting Tick Remove for larger tick removal
    • 1 x Carabiner to easily attach and hook
    • 1 x Whistle to draw attention to you for help in the case of an emergency or to help call your dog back
    • 1 x CPR Mask formulated to fit round a muzzle and provide oxygen to your dog in an emergency
    • 4 x Gloves (2 Pairs) to protect yourself and keep the area sterile whilst treating your dog
    • 1 x Large Dressing to protect bigger wounds effectively
    • 1 x Abdominal Pad for large wounds requiring high absorbency on the abdomen
    • 2 x Lancets to test glucose levels in pets with diabetes
    • 4 x Cotton Tipped Applicators to carefully apply creams or ointments
    • 4 x Safety Pins to pin bandages and general use
    • 1 x Pill Box to keep medication safe whilst travelling
    • 2 x Wood Tongue Compress to assist when doing any necessary oral examinations
    • 1 x Rubber Tourniquet to help control excessive bleeding
    • 2 x Alcohol Prep Pads to sterilise an area, particularly for cleaning wounds before bandaging
    • 1 x Styptic Stick that helps stop minor nail and skin bleeds

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    Advanced Pet First Aid Kit