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    Blakes - Adult Cat - Connoisseur Cat 5KG

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    Adult Cats Unlike dogs, cats cannot synthesize all amino acids within their body and so it is essential that these are provided in the diet to maintain their health. To meet all the nutritional requirements of adulthood, adult cats require a high quality diet able to support their needs. Our complete recipes have been formulated with nutritionally balanced levels of vitamins and minerals to help maintain everyday health and wellbeing of adult cats

    • Urinary Tract Health Formulated to help maintain optimal urine pH range to support urinary tract health.
    • Hairball Care Formulated with added cellulose to help support the reduction of hairballs.
    • Healthy Digestion Added prebiotics to help support the ability to absorb nutrients.
    • Healthy Heart Added Taurine to support heart health.
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    Blakes - Adult Cat - Connoisseur Cat 5KG