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    Ostrich Ribbles 2 Pieces - Natural Dog Treat

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    Product description

    • Our new and delicious Ribbles are simply  Ostrich Meaty Ribs, simply air-dried with no additives, no preservatives, nothing!
    • A great natural dental chew that has a unique composition; a honeycomb interior in the ribs that crumbles when chewed.  Lightweight, chewy and Low odour - what's not to love! 

      Key advantages of Ostrich Ribbles include:-

      • Natural, No Additives, No Preservatives, Nothing!
      • Long Lasting 
      • Responsibly Sourced
      • Hypoallergenic
      • Practically Odourless
      • High in Protein which aids muscle and tissue repair
      • Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals
      • Grain and Gluten free
      • Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks
      • Healthy and Nutritious
      • Natural Dental chew promotes good dental hygiene for teeth and gums
      • Longer Lasting chew releases endorphins for good mental health
      Please note that the ribs may vary in size due to being a natural product. 

        JR believes that keeping it simple is the best thing for your dog. That’s why our Ostrich Ribbles contain only one ingredient… Ostrich Ribs!

        As with all natural chews, we recommend to supervise your dog while feeding and to ensure that fresh clean drinking water is always available. Please note this product contains several bones joined by cartilage, ligament and meat. 


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      Ostrich Ribbles 2 Pieces - Natural Dog Treat